Dan Pero Manescu / Self-Portrait

We'll go starting as soon as possible with very special information regarding Dan Pero Manescu activity as a stage director and stage designer in Romania (1983-1989). Now just some generally information:

From the year 1979 to 1983, Manescu attained Directing courses at the University of Theatre & Film "CARAGIALE", Faculty of Directing of Theatre, Film & TV Movie Productions, in Bucharest, Romania, and got his Director Graduation Diploma with the Highest Honour.

From the year 1983 to 1989, Dan Pero Manescu worked as a Stage Director and Stage Designer in Romania. Several of his productions are mentioned by the Romanian Cultural Heritage CIMEC:,DAN,DAN

Dan Pero Manescu's best stage production was "THE LOVERS OF TESALIA" of 'George Peele (1556-1596), production of the year 1985, on the stage of "Theatre of the Youth" in Piatra Neamt (German Stone), Romania:,

In "The Lovers of Tesalia" the wellknown actress Tatiana Ionesi performed the main role of "Delia":

and the acclaimed composer Dorina Crisan Rusu (1953-2006) wrote the original music:


"GREEN EYES", a Dan Pero Manescu analog photography (1985), the portrait of the extraordinary composer Dorina Crisan Rusu (1953-2006)

In Memoriam DORINA CRISAN RUSU (A new amazing Singer and Composer from Romania , DARIA STEFAN, 12 years old):, "Love me like you do", but in the virtual world:, and the fantastic LAURA BRETAN (USA, Romanian origin, 16 years old) will blow your mind: 1., 2. the same Song with Lyric: